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A List of Policies You Will Find Here..
NOTE: PLEASE Read ALL the polices before continuing on the wiki, we want you to know ALL the rules before you become a member.

Here at Elemental we want all our users to be as active as they can, sometimes people will have to go on trips or they're just too busy with school to be as active as they wish. But sometimes people just go inactive for no reason without letting anyone know, leaving their characters to gather dust.

General RulesEdit

  1. If you know you aren't going to be able to participate on the wiki for a few days, or maybe even a week or two. Then PLEASE put the Inactive template on your page and explain why. It makes it easier for the admins and people that might be RPing with you to know why you're not here.
  2. If you have been inactive for a while and haven't said anything about it, and maybe you are starting to come back on. PLEASE let one of the admins or B-Crats know you're thinking of coming back so we know, and won't be surprised when you appear suddenly.

Rules for Admininstration TeamEdit

  1. Admins and B-Crats: If you are inactive for a week and you haven't explained why and no one knows why you are inacitve. We will have to message you to try to get a hold of you, if we can't in anyway get a hold of you then we will have to demote you down.
  2. Rollbacks and Chat mods: If you are inactive for 5 days or more, we will have to message you and tell you we will be demoting you. If you reply then you have a day to be active, if not then we will demote you.