"Sometimes we need to worry more about ourselves than others, if we don't worry about ourselves we'll decay from the inside out."
Rosie Keeler
Classes Taught P.E and Death
Age 26
Power Death
Years Taught 4
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color LightHazel
Skin Color White
Family James Keeler -Father

Lacy Keeler -Mother

Favorite Students None Yet
Least Favorite Students None Yet


Rosie was born in Granite City to a young couple, Rosie grew up in star apartments and became Best Friends with Daniel Watt. The two were known as Jack and Jill or the troublesome two, they always got into trouble together and always did everything together.

Rosie wasn't as much of a trouble maker as Daniel was though, she was the one that tried to keep them out of trouble but would always give in to Daniel's plans. Soon though after they Graduated they had started to drift apart from each other.

Rosie had planned to leave Granite City to study at big collages that she had read about in books, she really wanted to go to Law School or even to a Doctor School. But when the Government saw that she was sending letters out and trying to get in. They had punished her for it by throwing her in jail for a year.

When she got out of jail, she still tried to get into the schools. But seeing that everytime she tried something would go wrong, she finally gave up and accepted that she would never leave Granite City. So she made the best of it by becoming a teacher at the school.


Rosie is known to be serious and not very silly, but she sometimes will crack a joke or two and maybe giggle once in a while. But it's not very likely, she doesn't really like anything that reminds her of when she and Daniel used to hang out.

If you talk to her for a while, you can tell that she's really hurting inside. But she is very good at covering it up, not showing her students how broken she is inside from being rejected and loosing her best friend. 

She will though, encourage students to do their best and sometimes gives them slips to leave school if they want to go exploring. She secretly has a knack for adventure and wishes she could travel outside of Granite.

Relationships with StudentsEdit


Rosie Keeler -DEATH power user
P.E and Death Teacher
 – 04:26, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Ms. West, I'm afraid that you're not allowed to leave school so early. . At least not without a slip,"