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A List of Policies You Will Find Here..
NOTE: PLEASE Read ALL the polices before continuing on the wiki, we want you to know ALL the rules before you become a member.

Here at Elemental, we want everyone to be able to have FUN while Roleplaying. So if you follow these rules then no one will have any problems.

General RulesEdit

  1. NO GOD-MODDING!! Now, you might not know what that is exactly, but that's okay just check out this link here and read up on it. It would be AMAZING if you knew about it before hand :).
  2. Don't dodge and make your character immune to everything, they ARE humans and have flaws to them. They cannot dodge and be immune to every single thing in the world. They need to get hit and beat up sometimes, but not dodge everything.
  3. You cannot control other characters that aren't yours, you're using YOUR character and controlling what YOUR character does. You need to control and roleplay with YOUR OWN character, it isn't fun for other people if they're character is being controlled.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the admins. If you've never Roleplayed before and need some help, one of the admins would gladly Roleplay with you :).