"We Never Know the Worth of Water Until the Well is Dry."
Lucca Harrison
Classes Taught History and Water
Age 24
Power Water
Years Taught 1 Year
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Family Mazy Harrison (Mother)

Bentley Harrison (Father)

Fai Harrison (Sister)

Favorite Students None Yet
Least Favorite Students None Yet


Lucca, or Miss. Harrison as her students call her, grew up in one of the bigger houses on Leaf Street. She and Charlie Knight were best friends and neighbors. Her parents disapproved of Lucca wasting her time with a Space Power User like Charlie and basically ignored her. When she was 5, her sister Fai was born. 12 years later after Lucca had already started school, Fai became a Space Power User and was sent away from the family.

After this, Lucca became furious with her parents. She attacked them with all her might, almost draining her power. Charlie had raced her to the hospital, not caring for Mr and Mrs Harrison. She got there just in time and a Life Power User gave her more energy.

Because of this, she has become very fond of Life Power Users and is very kind to all of her students, even the Death and Shadow Power Users.

When she graduated, she helped the Hospital for a couple years before moving on to be a teacher.


Lucca is full of school spirit and pride, she'll be seen strutting around town wearing the words "Granite City School" on her shirt, hat, pants, and sweatshirt (and the matching scarf). She also loves all her students and cares for each one dearly.

Relationship With StudentsEdit


Lucca Harrison -WATER power user
History and Water Teacher
 – 00:14, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

She stands and pulls down a map of Granite City. "Can anyone show me where we are?" She asks.