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A List of Policies You Will Find Here..
NOTE: PLEASE Read ALL the polices before continuing on the wiki, we want you to know ALL the rules before you become a member.

Here at Elemental, we want our users to feel that things are fair. And with the Image policy that will help to cut down on the way users might feel things are unfair.

General RulesEdit

  1. If another user already has that model/picture in use, you CANNOT use the same model/picture. It would help really well if you looked through the photos to see before hand. To cut down on time for looking, check in the categories. If your image/model has red hair then find another character with the same hair color, that way it'll be easier to see if that model/picture is being used.
  2. The image you have should not have copyright or logos on it. (Example: An image with a girl wearing a monster symbol T-shirt. A picture by Viria which EVERYONE would know is hers.)
  3. The Image should be clean and respectable, no extreme cleveage or nudity or showing of private parts. When you are debating to upload a picture or not, think to yourself: Would I show this picture to my parents, or even to my grandparents?
  4. The image shouldn't be overly recognisable to the whole wiki, someone like Brad Pitt or one of the 1D members would be very recognisable. Try to use a model that isn't very well known.
  5. Please respect wishes of others, if you find a picture that you really love and really want to use it but the author or artist of the image states clearly that they DO NOT want you to use their image. Then please don't, it's rude and not very kind.
  6. Your character page/character can ONLY have 10 images!! We don't want you to load up your character page with a million images of your character. Because people want to read about your character, not stare at pictures all day. This includes GIFS too, sometimes they add a bit of flare but sometimes they get annoying.

Reserving ImagesEdit

  1. If you wish to reserve an image, then you ARE ALLOWED TO! please don't think you're not allowed to reserve an image, it really is OKAY too. You are able to reserve up to 4 images for DIFFERENT models/images. If you find a model you want to use and you upload 10 images. It still counts as ONE spot.
  2. Images WILL be up for grabs after two weeks and a half if they are not being used, if another asks to use that model/image and the timelimit is up. Then we WILL allow it! We are sorry if you feel this isn't fair, but reserving an image for months isn't fair to others