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A List of Policies You Will Find Here..
NOTE: PLEASE Read ALL the polices before continuing on the wiki, we want you to know ALL the rules before you become a member.

Here at Elemental, we want people to have fun while Roleplaying. But we want them to also be careful and safe.

General RulesEdit

Insults Edit

Look, we all know that people get offended and insulted throughout their life. But really, really. You don't have to go around insulting everyone on the wiki, you would never flash in public. So don't have your characters do it, if you wouldn't do it in front of your parents. THEN DON'T DO IT ON THE INTERNET! 

Sexual RelationshipsEdit

While this is a roleplaying wiki and relationships will be built and the characters will get more closer together, things over the PG rating ARE NOT ALLOWED! Having sex between your characters is a huge, fat NO NO here on this wiki. Minor kissing is allowed. 


   Player A
   Jamie sat up on James lap and started kissing him really passionately and all over.

   Player B
   James kissed Jamie back really forcefully and hard, kissing her all over and  slowly taking her shirt off.

. . .That is so not allowed here, if we find anything like this on the wiki. It will BE DELETED! You will be warned and possibly banned. BOTH creators of the characters will be warned. 

PS. Sorry if you are grossed out by the example Roleplay above, we had to do it for an example. It isn't a real roleplay, just an example.