April Jackson

Water User

The Shining Splash

Roleplayed by: JaguarStar19

April Jackson
Birth Date May 27th
Age 15
Power Water
Pet none (currently)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Tealish
Height 6'2
Mother Susan Jackson
Father Travis Jackson
Siblings Caleb Jackson
Power Water


April is a very bright and bubbly girl. She loves to talk to people and socialize. She's the life of the party and no event feels right without her. She's also a born leader, and isn't afraid to take charge and stand up for people.


April was born to Susan and Travis Jackson. Travis and Susan were bothe Fire users, so they hoped there little girl was one too. However, she wasn't. She was just the opposite. She was a water user, born from a long line of famous fire users. So it was natural for her to feel like an outcast, even in her own family. From a young age, she didn't spend much time wit her parents, instead going swimming and meeting people. It's not like her parents wanted her around, anyway. They were fine to spend there time with Caleb, her perfect older brother, who by the way, was a fire user.

As she got older, it was more and more obvious her parents didn't want her around. They would sign her up for clubs just so she didn't have to come home. She hated all the clubs at first, but then grew to like all of them, since she got to meet new people. Eventually, everybody in the city knew her name. It was great. But her parents still didn't care. Eventually she moved into a dorm, not wanting to be anywhere near her parents. And that's where she still is.


Hometown Grande City
Type of Childhood Bad
Earliest Memory The Rain

General InfoEdit

Pets None (currently)
Likes The Water, Rain
Fears Spiders, Fire
Hobbies Swimming, Running, Diving
Comfort Food(s) Vanilla Cake
Immediate Goals Make some friends
Long Term Goals Get Married, get a good job