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A List of Policies You Will Find Here..
NOTE: PLEASE Read ALL the polices before continuing on the wiki, we want you to know ALL the rules before you become a member.

Here at Elemental, we want people to be able to Roleplay without any interuptions. If you do not wish to own a character anymore or have anything to do with them, then you can put them up for adoption.

General RulesEdit

  1. When you do not wish to own a character anymore, you can go onto their character page and put on the VERY TOP so everyone can see it the Adoption Template. Then you can put on their forum- Adoption. That way it will go into the adoption section and people will be able to know that it is up for adoption.
  2. PLEASE contact a member of the Administration team when you wish to put your character up for adoption, each new adoption that comes in we will announce on the announcements so everyone knows that that character is up for adoption!
  3. You are NOT allowed to RP as that character any longer, for they are up for adoption and are no longer yours. Any titles they have will be stripped and any postion they have will be taken away.
  4. When you are adopting a character, please contact an Admin or a B-Crat if you wish to adopt a character. Please add a link to the character page and we'll check it out for you and get back to you as soon as we can.